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Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Refinery Co., Ltd.

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    Hengli‘s 20 million tons per year refining and chemical integration project is a major project listed in the documents of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. It is also a strategic project in the revitalisation of Northeast China. Hengli moves with the times and has set a benchmark in the petrochemical industry, with its high engineering construction speed, full process start-up speed, and industry record production speed. This can be accredited to its high-level strategic planning, quality planning and construction, and efficient management.

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    Hengli is the first to adopt the Ebullated-bed residue hydrocracking technology in China, where the total hydrogenation capacity amount to more than 27 million tons. With this technology and the necessary equipment, it is estimated that 4.5 million tons of aromatics and 9.92 million tons of gas, coal and diesel products, 1.62 million tons of chemical light oil, 960,000 tons of pure benzene, 540,000 tons of lubricating base oil, 500,000 tons of sulphur, 850,000 tons of polypropylene, 350,000 tons of acetic acid and other chemical products will be produced annually. In this way, crude oil will be processed and utilised most efficiently. 
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    Over the years, Hengli has been focusing on ecological and green development.  Globally, in the petrochemical industry, Hengli has established a world-class eco-friendly and safe petrochemical industrial park with low energy consumption and high production output. It is also known for being excellent internally and beautiful externally.

    Hengli has also engaged top-notch talents to set up a Safety Management Research Institute and a Technology Research Institute to improve the essential safety and technical management standards. This is exemplary for the development of the petrochemical industry globally in the new era. It will not only promote the structural reform of the supply side of the petrochemical industry, but will also inject strong impetus for the comprehensive revitalisation of Northeast China in this new era.