Since the establishment of Peijie Textile Pte. Ltd, it has always adhered to its philosophy of energy and carbon reduction and going green. By increasing the construction of wastewater treatment facilities, it had effectively promoted the utilization of treated wastewater and solved the problem of potable water.  

With the expansion of the Hengli (Suqian) Industrial Park, the water consumption is also increasing exponentially. The biochemical sewage treatment plant built by Peijie Textile not only saved water resources effectively, but also recycled industrial wastewater, solving the problem of environmental pollution. In addition, a considerable amount of money has been saved on water usage costs.

According to a spokesperson at Peijie Textile, the sewage treatment plant can treat approximately 30,000 tons of sewage every day. With full production capacity, the annual water savings can go up to 8 million tons.  The wastewater generated from the industrial and living areas within the industrial park is first treated at the plant, while the tailwater will be reprocessed to the Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water Class IV (suitable for industrial production use) at the ecological wetlands after its discharge into the sewage treatment plant at the port area.

The establishment of the biochemical sewage plant showcases the company’s social responsibility in energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as promoting the green development of the enterprise. This contributes to building a harmonious ecological environment in the Sucheng District.