On 27 May, the Deputy Secretary the Party Committee and Dean of Suzhou College of Information Technology, Mr Chen Debin, led a team to Jiangsu Hengli Chemical Fiber Co., in a bid to promote employment and further educational institution-enterprise cooperation, enhancing effectiveness through such cooperation. Accompanying the delegation included the Vice Chairman of the Wujiang District Chamber of Industry and Commerce Zhao Jun and the General Manager of Hengli Chemical Fiber Co. Wang Shanshui. 

Wang expressed a warm welcome to Chen and his delegation, and briefly introduced the development history of Hengli as well as its future development plans and goals. He affirmed the importance of vocational education in local and nation development and emphasized the significance in constructing a talent team aligned with the “Hengli 100th year” goals. He hopes to deepen the institution-enterprise collaboration to cultivate modern age craftsmen to better serve the high quality development of the regional economy and society. 

Chen sincerely thanked Hengli for its continuous support to educational institutions. He pointed out the advantages of such cooperation and complimented Hengli for providing such a platform. 

Both parties also signed an Agreement on Deepening Education Institution-Enterprise Cooperation Strategy and jointly unveiled the plaque for Education Institution-Enterprise Talent Cultivation Base.