Jiangsu Peijie Textiles Co., Ltd. had recently obtained the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Certification, signifying the enterprise’s determination in the move towards green and eco friendliness had been recognized globally. This further anchored the leading role of Hengli Group in the textile industry. 

GRS is the standard for internationalized products, where the criteria and requirements include traceability, environmental protection, social responsibility, recycling mark and the general principles. Each criterion has its own comprehensive requirements to abide by. In accordance with the required guidelines, Peijie Textile manages stringently each segment, from procurement to export, establishing a GRS management model aligned with the company’s current operating situation. On 13 May, evaluation experts from the Control Union Certifications (CU) conducted site inspections and checked through all relevant documents and affirmed the evaluation results in totality. 

Moving forward, Peijie Textile will continue to produce more green certified products to further improve the green competitiveness of Hengli in the international market.