In a list of “National Workers Pioneer 2022” released by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions on 17 April, the sectional warping workshop of Jiangsu Deshun Textile Co., Ltd. was listed. 

The sectional warping workshop of Deshun Textile comprises a young, vibrant and highly skilled team of 150 staff, where the average age of each staff is 35 years old. This workshop has also won many awards in Jiangsu Province and Suqian City. 

In recent years, the workshop continued to strengthen the Group’s work requirements of quality, capital, and fast response, and has been improving in terms of enhancing work efficiency, reducing the index of finished products and overcoming technical issues arising from production. This no doubt increases the product quality, production efficiency and helps the company grow and develop in this competitive market. 

Moving forward, Hengli Group will encourage all its industrial parks to advance and improve and create a positive learning environment.