The China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) released the “2022 China Textiles and Apparels Brand Competitiveness Evaluation Results” against the backdrop of the sixth iteration of the "China Brand Day".  Jiangsu Hengli Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. was awarded one of “China Textiles and Apparels Brand Competitiveness Advantageous Enterprises”. This is a strong recognition and testament of the expansion of Hengli chemical fiber’s production scale, improvement in quality and efficiency, and upgrade of its industry structure.

Hengli Group has all along insisted on its key core technology and to be self-sufficient, expand its business brands, work towards green development and continue to strengthen the brand awareness.

In recent years, Hengli Group has pushed forward its innovation strategy to take control of its own core key technology and development. The Hengli’s refining and chemical integration project has increased the nation’s total aromatics production by 30%, filling up the shortfall in the aromatic sector. Hengli industrial fiber has, for the first time, been applied to high-end sectors, such as extraction of oil and gas, and marine engineering. This is a breakthrough in the monopolization of the industry technology. At the same time, Hengli Group has mastered the core key technology of the full industrial chain and has obtained the patents for 1,000 items.

In the area of environmental protection, Hengli has always maintained high standards and ensured strict requirements, for instance, efforts are put in in zero wastewater discharge, energy cascade use, building green factories and a garden-style industrial park. Hengli Group also places significant emphasis on green manufacturing, expediting the development of the new materials and new energy sectors. Currently, the contracts inked by Hengli Group in biodegradable plastic projects have amounted to 933,000 tonnes. Of which, the PBAT project with an annual production capacity of 33,000 tonnes has been put into production and 450,000 tonnes of PBAT project is under construction. 

The “Hengli”Brand has made it to the “World’s 500 Most Influential Brands” for four consecutive years. Moving forward, Hengli Group will continue to implement a strategy driven by innovation and work towards green and sustainable development to further realize quality and efficiency and inject new growth momentum into the brand.