Hengli Petrochemical Co,. Ltd. issued its inaugural social responsibility report 2021 since its status as a listed company. The report showcases the enterprise’s experience, practices and results in the areas of governance, social responsibility and green development.

The release of the report signifies the proactiveness of the company incorporating the ESG elements into every aspect of its strategic planning, daily operations and product development, in line with the green, harmonious and high quality development of the external environment. It also established a framework foundation for Hengli’s moving forward development. 

ESG refers to Environmental, Social and Government. The report is an important tool to showcase the company’s mission, social responsibility, investment value and other key relevant information. 

The report has mentioned that Hengli Petrochemical has kept to green recycling and smart manufacturing. Currently, four companies under its belt are accorded “National Green Factories”, i.e. Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian), Hengli Refinery, Hengke New Material and Hengli Chemical Fiber. They continue to build up a green system in the areas of production and manufacturing. 

In terms of operation, Hengli Petrochemical adheres to the policy of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management", the principle of economical development and clean development, deepens the management of safety standardization and HSE system, and strives to create a new benchmark of safety production in petrochemical companies. In terms of social responsibility, Hengli Petrochemical actively supports the anti-epidemic work and has been practicing various public welfare projects for a long time. As of December 2021, "Hengli Petrochemical" donated materials and cash to the society for a total of RMB 22,364,000.

The China National Chemical Information Center Co., Ltd. is of the view that under the strategic goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the importance enterprises place on ESG evaluation also meant that they value their own sustainable development. Green development will eventually become one of the core competitiveness of future enterprises. As petrochemical enterprises make up one of the country’s economic pillars, their green development will be an important breakthrough to resolve the conflict between environmental pollution and sustainable development. This is also a development path which cannot be avoided under the “dual carbon” goal.

Moving forward, Hengli Petrochemical will publish an annual social responsibility report as a regular roundup, disclosure and improvement of its work processes, incorporating the newest ESG requirements, which makes it an important document that constantly summarizes and provides direction for the company. As a leading enterprise, Hengli Petrochemical will continue to advance its manufacturing and upgrade its consumption, realizing its breakthrough and long-term development in core technology, manufacturing processes and scale. This will push forth the economic sustainable development.